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We respect our users’ privacy and for this reason we use the least number of tracking elements. Despite that, in some cases we need to use cookies to offer services and analyse our traffic. These are the cookies we use on this website:

  • cookieconsent_status - checks if the cookie banner has been accepted
  • nf_ab

Third party cookies

By DISQUS (comments) info

  • __qca (Domain:
  • mc (Domain:
  • UID (Domain:
  • UIDR (Domain:
  • disqus_unique (Domain: - Internal analysis
  • testCookie (Domain: - Cookie check

By GetYourGuide info

  • visitorId (domain:, duration: session) - tracking cookie it is set by the GetYourGuide widget to track the user who clicks the banner.

We might update the website in the future for the opt-out (when we will understand how to make it work…).